Building a Solid Foundation

Andrew Carnegie, Denise Morrison, Angela Ahrendts; three successful leaders from completely different walks of life that have one major thing in common, they all believe the happiness of employees is one of the most important keys to success. While Health Homes are not in the business of making profits our success is contingent upon the quality of care our care managers provide. Essentially, the success of our industry is connected to the happiness of our care managers, which is connected to the environment the Health Home program can foster for employees.

Forbes identifies the desire for personal growth as one of the basic “needs” of human nature. Thankfully this mentality goes hand-in-hand with societal progression. The only way to progress in any profession is to foster creativity which can be affected by countless variables. One of the more controllable variables being a person’s mood.

According to Forbes, there is an increase in productivity anywhere from 12 to 20 percent when employees are happier. Think about it, when we are sick or in a negative head space no matter how important the tasks may be it becomes increasingly harder to concentrate on anything. Now think about waking up on a sunny day, having your favorite cup of coffee in hand, Pandora playing great song after great song while on the way to work. I’m sure anyone would walk into the office ready to tackle the day feeling like any situation can be handled.

In an effort to maintain an environment filled with respect, appreciation, and understanding Hudson Valley Care (HVC) is dedicating the next few months to hearing directly from Care Managers. HVC wants to know what improvements/changes Care Managers would like to see. The goal is to keep the feedback within the realm of what CMAs and HVC can control. The same way we want our members engaged in their health, HVC wants to make sure we continue to build relationships with our Care Managers and all of the people who are on the front lines making a difference in members’ lives. The Staff Satisfaction survey and site visits will act as a check-in to make sure the needs of the employees are being met, just like the care managers would check-in with members’ needs.

According to Forbes, global studies done show 79 percent of people quit their jobs because of a “lack of appreciation.” There is always room for change. It is important to the HVC mission that everyone in the network feels valued and sees the efforts our organizations gladly put in to create a better working environment.


Cover Photo by Perry Grone Instagram – @PerryGrone

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