Extra support that improves your Medicaid patients’ lives

Your Medicaid patients with serious mental health and substance abuse issues often need extra support in improving their lives, not just their health. If your patient is eligible, they may be enrolled in a Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) and be receiving home and community-based services (HCBS).

Hudson Valley Care partners with MCOs and HCBS programs to decrease risk and improve outcomes for your patients in their communities – where they live and work.

Our services are reimbursed by Medicaid and managed care organizations. There is no cost to referring providers or to our members.

What is HARP?  

HARP stands for Health and Recovery Plan. It is a type of insurance plan provided by your patient’s managed care organization. With HARP, members can get help with their recovery and receive supplemental services from a network of community-based services.

What is HCBS?  

If your patient is enrolled in HARP, they are eligible for HCBS: Home and Community Based Services. HCBS helps members with mental health and/or addiction challenges achieve their short- and long-term recovery goals.

Home and Community-Based Services

Adult members can choose from an array of free services delivered in their home or community:

  • Housing and independent living
  • Crisis prevention or management
  • Family support and training
  • Education and employment
  • Empowerment services/peer support

Download HARP HCBS Flyer PDF ›