Saqib Altaf

Saqib Altaf is the Executive Vice President of Community and Behavioral Health Services at HVCS, a Division of Cornerstone Family Healthcare. HVCS provides community based support services focused on persons that are HIV positive, those at high risk for HIV, as well as those living with chronic health conditions across a seven county service region.  He joined HVCS in 2001(when it was known as AIDS Related Community Services (ARCS)) as a Senior Program Supervisor, overseeing the intensive community-based case management program. He currently manages all of the HVCS community programs as well as the Behavioral Health Services of Cornerstone Family Healthcare.

Saqib holds a Masters of Public Administration from New York University and a Bachelor’s of Science from Manhattan College. Prior to joining HVCS, Mr. Altaf managed program services for an HIV residence in the South Bronx and had direct service experience in case management, working directly with individuals and families living with mental illness and HIV. With over 26 years of experience in the human services industry, Mr. Altaf is committed to supporting marginalized populations.